Jacob Audet - Obituary

A citizen well-known all over New South Wales, Mr. Jacob Audet, died last week very suddenly.
There were few more capable men in this country. Mr. Audet was a scientist, a linguist, an artist, and a controversialist, and he was forward in any and in all of these departments of brain work.
Mr. Audet was particularly well known in the Hunter district and in Sydney.
He was aggressively outspoken, and consequently not too successful in business. But among all, friends and opponents alike, he has left a reputation for thoroughness and integrity, and of real kindness to all wanting help.
Mr. Audet has left a family, some of the members of which have already won for themselves creditable positions among their fellow citizens in New South Wales.

The newspaper : an Australian paper for Australian people. 23 Nov 1901, page 15