Maitland Ferro Gem Company

Maitland : July 1881

Situated opposite Rourke’s Saddlery, the Maitland Ferro Gem Company insists that they have no intention of leaving Maitland ‘for the present’.   [1]

This is their sole advertisement in the Maitland Mercury and a search of other newspapers via Trove renders no further notices. Their intention of not leaving Maitland for the present presumably did not last very long. 


Later practitioners of the ‘gem’ miniature portraits (a form of ‘tintype’ photograph) were Gove and Allen, whose availability in Maitland was limited to January and February of 1884. [2] 

[1] Maitland Mercury, 30 July 1881

[2] Maitland Mercury,  12 February 1884