Morris Moss - son's rescue

GALLANT RESCUE.-Some excitement was caused yesterday afternoon in the vicinity of Cohen-street, Horse Shoe Bend, on an alarm being raised that a child was drowning. As the river is just now in a state of flood many persons were on the brink of the river watching the rise of the water. From what we can gather it appears that some children were playing on the bank when by some means the second son of Mr. M. Moss, photographer, of this town, slipped into the water.

An alarm was at once raised, and several willing hands hastened to the spot to render assistance to the drowning child. Mr. W. Bussell, a son of Mr. Jas. Bussell, of the Horse Shoe Bend, seemed to be the pluckiest of the crowd, for while two or three other young men were divesting themselves of their clothing, young Bussell, without the slightest ceremony, plunged into the river with boots, &c., just as he stood, and after an almost superhuman effort succeeded in grasping the unfortunate boy, and bringing him to land.

The poor child was black in the face when brought to shore, and it was some time before he regained consciousness. When once brought to shore there were many willing hands ready to do what they could to bring the youngster round, and we are pleased to have to record the fact that their efforts were successful.

It is a very singular coincidence that Mr. Moss was the gentleman who offered a prize at the late aquatic sports to the swimmer who would best illustrate the rescue of an apparently drowning person.

Mr. Moss, we understated, has already rewarded young Bussell for his noble and praiseworthy deed of yesterday, and in our advertising columns the father of the lad who was thus saved from a watery grave thanks Mr. Bussell and other friends who rendered assistance.

Maitland Mercury, 8 February 1881