Cameron Photographic Collection

Variety of Portraits

Cameron commenced photographic activities in 1892 and Cameron Studios was still in business in the 1950s, resulting in a wide range of photographic styles and mounts, some examples of which are presented in random order below:

                         Images : Maitland City Library                                                               "Thought to be William Bartlett"

Images: Maitland City Library

"Miss Tomson"   Image : Wollombi Museum

       Beryl Bartlett, daughter of Arthur & Harriet, born 1897                                                      Father Rogers

    Jack on a mushroom, aged 7 months, February 1923 
                      Image courtesy of D. Sciffer  

        Ladies with hats like mushrooms! 
"Laurie & Stella"  I
nscription on reverse
      Image courtesy of E. Duyker

                                                "Aunty Liz"

The 'Midget', measuring 7.5cm x 4cm


Images : Maitland City Library

Cardboard mount  has been  trimmed to fit an album



John Christison
Image courtesy of Ray Christison

Image courtesy of Irene Philips