Elijah Hart - Floods in the Hunter


DURING the late extraordinary weather, Maitland and its vicinity has been the scene of numerous disastrous floods. The frequent lulls in the downpour of rain, however temporary, were sufficient to lead the inhabitants to hope that time would be given for the waters to abate before the damage would be so excessive as that occasioned by floods in former seasons. The flood-gauge at Belmore Bridge was watched with the utmost anxiety as its figures indicated the fluctuations of the river, but despite the occasional subsidence of the waters, the sad scenes which form part of the history of past years have been repeated ; and if not to so great an extent as on previous occasions, still sufficiently so to cause much painful anxiety to the benevolent, and to call for the exercise of that sympathy and kindness which have never been withheld.

Mr. Elijah Hart, of West Maitland, has furnished the series of photographs from which our illustrations of the Hunter River floods are taken. The panoramic view of Maitland and the surrounding districts, given on page 385, was taken after the partial abatement of the waters


[1] Illustrated Sydney News, 13 April 1870