Moss Photographic Collection

1880s - 1890s

Bob (Robert) Winter, January 1883  [1]
Image : State Library of Victoria

Moss introduced cabinet portraits in October 1880
Image : Maitland City Library


            Captain William John Sloan, pictured centre back.                                           Captain William John Sloan      
                            Images : Maitland City Library



Images : Maitland City Library


    The above photograph is perhaps not the most attractive or pristine Moss photograph to survive, but the 
    handwritten date on the reverse indicates 1892. The photo could have been taken any time prior to this and   
    presented to 'dear Aunt Betsy' in 1892.  
    Inscription: "To My Dear Aunt Betsy, with fond love [?], Mary. Feb 29th / 92"

 By November of 1894 the Moss studio has been superseded by Cameron.

[1] State Library of Victoria cataloguing details provide the following information regarding date and size:
Title and date from inscription in ink on verso : R. Winter / Jany 1883 / age 5 years.
Albumen silver carte-de-visite ; 9.9 x 5.8 cm. on carte-de-visite 10.2 x 6.2 cm.

Portraits of two other children of the Winter family (presumably Bob's siblings) Elizabeth and George can also be viewed at the State Library of Victoria: