Morris Moss - 1860s

In 1864 Moss announces that he has purchased the whole of the business from Audet, with the services of Mr. Audet having been secured until January 1865. [1]

Moss makes an impact with his ‘novelty in photography’ in November 1867:

An operation in photography, which we have not before seen in Maitland, was shown us the other day by Mr. Moss, of the Photographic Company, High-street. This operation is “photographing a ghost," arresting the ethereal, and fixing it on glass or paper. [2]

The Mercury’s relationship with Moss could be characterised as one of ongoing praise and supportfor his work, commencing in February 1868 with his ‘excellent’ photographs,  through to superlatives such as: “Wherever art is discussed "Moss" is a household word, and without a doubt that gentleman has a reputation as one of the best photographers in Australia."  [3]        

Later in 1868, Moss’ portraits of the Prince Alfred Dramatic Club also mentions Aland Watts, local signwriter and painter, with whom Moss collaborates on other occasions.  [4] 

In addition to photography, Moss’ business also includes the sale of “fancy goods”; his advertisement of 8 May of 1869 indicates that he has just opened six cases, with stationery, jewellery, brooches, charms, toys and portrait albums ‘cheaper than ever’.  


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